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First, I want to say that these policies might sound scary, but they are here to ensure every customer knows what we offer and how we offer it. It protects you, your product, and us. In most cases, these policies will go unseen and will not affect at all the purchasing experience. Having said that, we do have to prepare for the worst, since many things can happen.

We cannot guarantee that our product will arrive at a certain time or condition.. We ship with companies like UPS or USPS, and the customer is who selects the service. We don't have full control on our product shipping. However, if the product arrives damaged, or dead in case of a live animal, we offer a full refund for the product, not the shipping cost. (As long as the customer selected the proper shipping option). An insulated box should always be purchased anytime of the year, and the packs should be purchased in the colder and hotter seasons. We will only proceed with reptile purchases if the selected shipping is FedEx overnight shipping. Other time sensitive products must be purchased with overnight shipping to guarantee it arrives in good conditions.

Millipedes can and will secrete a toxin if they feel threatened. This toxin is not harmful for people or animals unless they are allergic. The chances of being allergic are low, and the allergic reaction might produce itching, blisters, or a burning feeling. We will always recommend to hold millipedes with gloves until they learn to trust you. Scared millipedes will poop on your hands and will secrete this toxin, which might be unpleasant for some. A simple prevention to these secretions is wearing gloves, and you can still enjoy playtime with your little friends this way. We are not responsible for any symptoms millipede toxins might produce, and the customer should wear gloves for the first month of owning the  millipede or until it learns to trust people. (Handling sessions should be done shortly at first, at least once a day, and then they can be extended as needed)

Any possible wounds, allergic reactions, bites, or results of agression from the animals the customer purchases are not covered by us and are not our responsibility. The customer should purchase an animal knowing the possible things that can go wrong, and should do extensive research before the purchase of any live animal. We don't sell any venemous species of reptiles or insects, and all of the animals we sell have a friendly nature since the moment they are born. This means that it is very unlikely that the customer is going to be attacked by the animals we offer, but the chances are not 0. This can happen for several reasons; a lack of trust, poor housing conditions, a lack of experience with a specific species, or by mistake (a snake might strike if they think your hands are a mouse/rat). These are things we cannot control, and therefore, we are not liable for.

Live guarantees are limited, but we do offer some. We offer a live arrival guarantee on all of our animals as long as the shipping method is properly selected, and on groups of animals we will refund the price of a dead individual if they arrive dead. We cannot guarantee the health of any animals after the arrival since we would be subject to false accusations. I do say that we personally take very good care of our animals, and the chances of them having a disease are extremely low. We supplement and house them properly, aswell as medicate them when necessary. Our live arrival guarantee does not go by time, but evidence. We will request an unboxing video showing the box properly before opening, and the whole process of opening to ensure the client is honest with us. We will also mutually agree on a shipping date before any animals are shipped to ensure availability and temperatures on both ends.


Please ensure that the shipping address provided is correct in order to validate this guarantee.

Please ensure that someone is home (or at pickup facility) at time of delivery in order to validate this guarantee. 


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