• Carebugs

    At Carebugs we have repetiles such as geckos and sand boas, invertebrates such as millipedes, feeders like mice, crickets, dubias, mealworms and more, supplements such as calcium powder or vitamins, and enclosure materials such as coco husk or moss.

    We are thrilled to say that we have new items arriving every month and we will be selling more reptiles and amphibians soon.

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  • Why us?

    At carebugs we ensure the health of every single individual regardless of their species, gender, or morph. We value all lifes equally even if the prices are different. All animals are different but still deserve the same love.

    We also give discounts to our clients every month so that the prices are more affordable. We value customer relationships and treat our customers with respect. We truly appreciate every single one of our customers, and that's why we often send extra millipedes or supplies on bigger orders!

    Thank you for being a part of Carebugs!