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Fluker's Repta Calcium With Vitamin D3 & Phosphorus free

Fluker's Repta Calcium With Vitamin D3 & Phosphorus free

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Calcium powder is crafted to provide the essential calcium that amphibians and reptiles need for strong bones, healthy scales, and proper metabolic function.

Whether you're caring for a frog, a chameleon a tortoise, a gecko, or any other exotic species, our calcium boost powder is versatile and adaptable to meet various needs. Calcium isn't just necessary for bones; it contributes to heart function, muscle contraction, and nerve transmission. 

Usage instructions:

Sprinkle the recommended dosage of calcium powder over your pet's live insects, fruits, or vegetables. Make sure it’s not too much, or too little. Measure the desired calcium boost powder amount using a specialized spoon or scale. Gently dust the live insects or produce with the calculated quantity of calcium powder, ensuring even coverage.

Another way of applying calcium powder to your pets is by adding the insects or vegetables to a small bag, or box with calcium powder and shaking it. 

Present the enriched food to your exotic pets and observe their enthusiastic response to the enhanced flavors and nutrients.

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